vineri, 10 iulie 2009

ES COLLECTION [fall-winter 09/10]

Besides his creations, ES Collection owner Eduardo Suñer is passionate about mountains and nature, and the activities it allows you to do, such as skiing and biking. Shooting his latest collection in the Andorran snow was a dream come true for him. “Sport, mountains, positive attitude, healthy life and green environment. A love for Mother Nature, that is what we wanted to say with this campaign and with our new products,” Edu explains. The product speaks for itself, but what you don’t see at first glance is the introduction of bamboo fabric, which is completely in line with ES Collection’s new direction.

Being a 100% Spanish brand, ES Collection decided to use real Spanish men for its campaign. The three guys - Jesús, Octa and Will – all come from the sunny Canary Islands, so shooting underwear in the snow must have been quite a challenge for them. “Saturday was OK, with a temperature between 10 and 5 degrees Celsius, but Sunday it was cold and windy and it dropped 5 degrees,” Eduardo remembers with grin. “The guys were amazing though. Not being used to this kind of weather, they seemed to have the best time skiing and playing in the snow, both with and without underwear.” As before, photographer Joan Crisol signs off on the tasteful and energetic imagery that brings the ES products so well to life.

ES Collection is also sponsor of the European Gay Ski Week.

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